Colorado Rockies - Mile High Stadium

Did you know some of the peculiarities of this baseball city?

Apr 11, 1993

It was great being part of the fan excitement during the team's inaugural games. We fortunately or maybe unfortunately were only able to obtain seats in the upper level, but early arrival gave us the opportunity to look to the west and view the beautiful Rocky mountains. Temperature was perfect and was quite different from a day earlier where we had driven thru the Rockies in a driving snowstorm with avalanche warnings.

Rockies Pin Set
Ticket Stub
Mile High Stadium with left field stands that
                           move on water

Colorado Rockies - Coors Field

Sept 19, 2004

The park name continued the Coors fun from a brewery tour taken just hours earlier. From the old to the new - the club carried over the ring of upper deck seats painted blue to indicate the "Mile High" point. (picture below)

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Game Ticket Stub
Coor's Field - Denver Notice Mile High Seat Line Field Level Left-centre field scoreboard

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